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Jake & Angela, September 2022 - Gerald Peters Contemporary in Santa Fe, New Mexico

This wedding was very special for me, as I happened to get a lot of compliments from the guests. Not to brag, but it always feels nice to get feedback after a performance. The best part was the guests were commenting on how much the music moved them and set the mood for the evening.

I love hearing this, because as a performer, I’m a pretty quiet presence. I like to let the music lead the way. I design my performance and my tracks to set the mood and the tone for the wedding guests. So, I was getting recognized for doing exactly what I love!

This particular night, the music was the perfect accompaniment to this vibrant couple.

Before the ceremony, I like to match the energy of the guests. I’m intimately familiar with how my various songs affect the mood in the room. I know just what it takes to ramp the energy level up or down, as needed.

In the grand scale from elevator music to midnight at a music festival, my music sits on the more mellow side. It’s easy to forget that mellow does not equal low energy. My music is invigorating to people. It resonates on a deeper level than “high energy” music.

At this ceremony, like most weddings, guests began arriving early. Sometimes guests can even be 45 minutes or an hour early to the ceremony. This is why I offer my Complete Ceremony Music package. I believe the time before the ceremony sets the tone for the entire day and it should be filled with beautiful, organic sounds.

Imagine sitting down to the task of compiling a playlist of great songs that will entertain 50-300 people for nearly an hour. You will need it to be quiet and gentle on the ears, while also romantic. You want it to be familiar, but also surprising. Sounds a bit daunting, right? That’s where the Complete Ceremony Music package I’ve curated saves the day. All you will see is a room full of patient, happy guests waiting for the processional to start!

The absolute cherry on top of the evening for me was when the groom, with a background in music production, complimented me on my recorded arrangements! I’ve spent a lot of time perfecting my craft and it means a lot that someone with an experienced ear took time out of one of the busiest days of his life to share kind words.

Ceremony and Cocktail Hour Music: Ryan Smith Cello Music

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