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But isn't the cello just an old-fashioned fancy party instrument, or a symphony instrument? These are the assumptions I see and hear most often (when people ask what I do for a living).


With an instrument as versatile as the cello, it's all in the hands of the performer. While I'm classically trained and you can hear this influence in my music, my unique approach to cello creates beautiful music you'll feel a connection with. 


The most common responses are that my music is soothing and beautiful. I've also noticed that my performances energize and inspire people. In the video below, I'm inviting guests into a wedding day with reflective, romantic music. The song is Make You Feel My Love.

Performing for life's incomparable, unforgettable moments is a responsibility I approach with reverence and joy. My sensitivity to life and music provides me with inspiration to enhance ceremonies, spontaneously and authentically. It also helps me compose music with focus and passion.

The gravity of a wedding day is much larger than me - and in many ways is beyond words, where music tells an emotional story. Every performance is an honor that I carefully prepare for, and brings me a feeling of lighthearted joy during every ceremony. (Pictures don't always speak the right thousand words - when I'm playing cello, I focus.)

Every note and sound matters. That's the way I've always felt about music, and I'm convinced they also matter to everyone else listening, even the casual listeners. I know all of this from the kind words I consistently receive, and the beautiful expressions I see in my couples while I’m performing.


Live music is healing. This fast-paced world lures us from the rewards of living in the moment. I see that my music encourages people to relax, appreciate life, and connect while experiencing something classic but different. This makes it great for enhancing weddings and special occasions.

To me, nuances in tone, volume, inflection, and tempo are what make music great. That's why my accompaniments include a combination of real instruments I play, and virtual (MIDI) instruments I compose with. Combining passion, vision, and perseverance I make accompaniments I truly enjoy listening to and love playing cello with. To quote the great rock band, Rush: "All this machinery making modern music can still be open-hearted... it's really just a question of your honesty." I put the effort in to make every song truly special. 


I believe music is the greatest gift in life. Everyone needs music. I'm humbled and gratified to have dedicated myself full-time to this collection of songs since 2018. After performing these songs hundreds of times in many different settings, I can confidently say this music is for everyone. While it's perceived as soothing and beautiful, and even fancy, people of all ages and walks of life are always drawn to it. Exactly as I intend. I believe all art should be for everyone to appreciate, regardless of behind-the-scenes knowledge. 

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