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I discovered my passion for music in a middle school orchestra class in Farmington, New Mexico. I knew I loved the sound of the cello, and I loved playing it too! I was hooked on all genres of music and learned several instruments including electric bass, drums, and guitar, and later earned a bachelor's degree in classical music from the University of New Mexico. 

Being experienced in much more than classical music, yet not seeing a career path, I went to mechanical engineering school as a backup plan. Seven years of the "9 to 5" further showed me that I need to work with music.

Performing with variety bands, I learned a lot about how a cello mixes with other sounds. And performing solo, I learned that sometimes a cello melody needs support from harmony and rhythm. With that, I was inspired to make my own recorded accompaniments. 


At first unaware of how and where my hybrid live/recorded music would be embraced, I am so glad to know now that it's been loved in a massive variety of situations! From casual to elegant events, in spaces big or small, the music blends in and emotionally moves people, time and time again. (The cello is known for being somber but I always steer clear of that style, unless requested.) 

Every year, my mind is filled with more memories of people who are touched by me doing what I love most. It's all beyond words. So willing and grateful to do it. Let's keep music live!

Four years later and with several hours of accompanied cello repertoire, I'm always working on new songs to share with the world, in-between performing as a full-time solo musician. I live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my partner and three dogs, frequenting nature and enjoying the many great things this city has to offer!