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"That's amazing! Do you play in a symphony?" This is the response I hear most often when people ask what I do for a living. While my roots are in symphonic music and you can hear that influence in my music, I always loved having plenty of freedom in the way I play my notes. This is what led me to this unique approach to music, and the love for this unique artform soon followed.


I approach the cello as beautiful, melodic singing. As for my backing tracks, they are born from my unending passion for music, and my tireless work ethic to get them just how I like them. Each backing track is made with passion, and custom fit to my cello playing. It can be tedious to do, but it's amazing to have backing tracks that are made by me, and for me.

People have spoken, and my music inspires calmness, but also excitement. "It was soothing and beautiful," people often say after performances, clearly energized and excited about the experience. These are the responses I get whether playing my slow and romantic tunes, or my fun, upbeat songs. Grounded and energized... isn't that the essence of a good day? Whatever the case is, I'm thrilled to share this music at weddings and events of all sizes.


As you can see, little Ryan started early with his love for music!

My first instrument was the cello, and it's remained my favorite. Using a bow, and all the sounds this instrument can make, is just that special!

I was classically trained on cello from day one, and followed this path to a 4-year college degree in music. (Go Lobos!) Before I was 5' tall, I was playing electric bass in garage bands, jazz bands, and pep bands. I didn't stop with two instruments, and now play six, and plan to learn another next year (a west African instrument called an ngoni). I deeply believe it's personally rewarding to learn and grow in music, for anyone. This creative expansion has been a huge part of my life and turned out to pave the way for what I do here at Ryan Smith Cello Music.


Throughout my repertoire, you'll hear a wide variety of instruments. If you listen closely, you might notice some of my main influences have been Jimi Hendrix, Yo Yo Ma, Foo Fighters, Allman Brothers, Jason Isbell, and Amanda Shires. In the end, I enjoy all genres of music, as long as it's coming from the heart. You can see in my song list that I'm willing to explore all music.

I feel so lucky to have discovered music, both for all it's given me as a person, from hope to discipline, and also for the fulfillment of really making a difference in peoples' lives, whether that's at a hospital or a wedding. 

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