What to expect from your wedding musician?

Updated: Nov 13

Other than the song selections, what are important things to look for in a wedding musician?

In the big picture, you should have a sense that they enjoy their work, and are committed to taking care of the details.

My business mantra is "make it fun, easy, and personalized". This simple phrase always leads me to great results. My service has inspired sincere gratitude from many, many couples and wedding planners.

Here’s a closer look at what makes a quality wedding music service.

Good wedding musicians are ready to communicate professionally with your other vendors and your venue.

There may be important details to address before your day arrives. And there will always be some coordination on the day of your wedding. You'll want someone who's proactive and also flexible.

Dedicated to delivering a beautiful performance for every wedding.

Aside from loving music, wedding musicians need to arrive early and ready to adjust for weather and/or other challenges.

I arrive at least an hour before I'm to begin performing. For outdoor weddings, I bring an optional canopy in case of rain or extreme sun. I even bring a backup iPad.

A good wedding musician will gladly help you make your ceremony music plan.

Between booking and your wedding day, you'll be communicating with your wedding musician about songs, ceremony timelines, and sometimes venue details. Look for responsive, helpful, experienced musicians who'll enjoy making your wedding special.

My planning process is designed for people who appreciate music deeply. This is why you can listen to recordings of any of my songs! My easy guide to planning ceremony music will put you in a creative state of mind for your wedding music. Enjoy an easy, effective rehearsal without the need for me to be there. (My many positive reviews and comments speak to my service skills, and the effort I bring to each couple's experience.)

Musicians often need sound systems to make beautiful, present music.

People and voices absorb sound. For ceremonies, cocktail hour, and dinners, the best volume is 'loud enough to hear, yet soft enough for easy conversations'. Proper equipment makes this possible for any setting.

I include top-quality sound systems with my services, fit for all sizes and locations of ceremonies and receptions. (Don't worry, you don't need to know what they are - I have everything you need!)

The pre-ceremony atmosphere sets the tone for your entire day. Hire musicians who are passionate about elevating your whole wedding day.

Starting 45 minutes before your first ceremony song plays, I'll welcome arriving guests with music. The atmosphere I create before the ceremony is appreciated, and often complimented, by guests for making the ceremony more beautiful and special.

Have any questions about hiring your wedding musician?

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