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Study Music with Me

I always find joy in seeing people engage with an instrument, or music in general, and I'd love to offer my skills to the next generation. Looking back on 30 years in music, I understand what goes into making music. So, I offer this knowledge and my kind personality to the community at an affordable rate. If you have time for a few practice sessions every week, contact me for:


Cello (classical or non-classical)


Drumset - start off with good technique, and learn beats to build your own style from


Guitar - learn your favorite songs!

Electric bass - learn your favorite song, and the fundamentals of good, solid bass lines 

Mandolin - start off with good technique, learn tunes, and patterns you can improv with for any song

Music production, recording, mixing, arranging. If you are interested in mixed live-recorded music, as I do here, I can accelerate and smooth out your journey.


Using theory in practice - This is for the intermediate and accomplished musicians who want to peel back the layers of theory and/or reading music. Pentatonic scales, passing notes, major/minor patterns, and advanced concepts, depending on your goals.

Call 505-274-0814 or email so we can discuss your goals and needs as a student. I look forward to hearing from you!

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