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Study Music with Me!

I enjoy seeing people engage with an instrument, and music in general, and I love to offer my skill sets to growing musicians! Looking back on 30+ years in music, I understand the art of playing an instrument. So, I offer this knowledge and my kind personality and calm patience to the community at an affordable rate.




  • Cello (classical and/or non-classical)​

  • Drumset - start off with good technique, and learn beats to build your own style from​​

  • Guitar - learn your favorite songs, scale patterns to play in key, strumming patterns, and more​

  • Electric bass - learn your favorite song, and the fundamentals of good, solid bass lines ​

  • Mandolin - start off with good technique, learn tunes, and patterns so you can improv with any song​

Additional topics

  • Music production, recording, mixing, arranging. If you are interested in learning about the mixed live-recorded music I do here from start to finish, I'd be honored to accelerate and smooth out your journey!

  • Lessons for established music learning about theory. I grew up around, and have always known excellent musicians who understand little to no music theory. I see music theory as a tool and nothing more. I'd be happy to help you incorporate new concepts into your playing, including pentatonic scales, passing notes, major/minor patterns, and advanced concepts, depending on your goals.

Call 505-274-0814 or email so we can discuss your goals. I look forward to meeting you!  

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