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Monthly Sampler

A few tunes from my 6 hour repertoire.


"I've had the pleasure of hiring Ryan to perform for Osuna Nursery’s in-store events over the past few years. Ryan is prompt, professional and endlessly talented. His music soothes and enhances our space, and customers absolutely love it. Friendly and so easy to work with, I highly recommend Ryan Smith Cello Music!"

You've probably heard a live instrument performing with pre-recorded accompaniments. It's a way for a musician to add harmony, rhythm, and expression to the experience. This is also what I do, and I create my own accompaniments in my studio. Creating and performing is my passion and full-time job.


With four hours of contemporary classic songs, and a few hours of classical music, I have the music and expertise to rise to any  occasion and give a beautiful, engaging performance.

We are!  


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Cello for Weddings

Set the perfect tone for your day with an inviting, classy ambiance and soul-filling live music as you walk down the aisle. Click below to explore and discover the magic!

Events, Celebrations, and More

A little fancy, and also very cool and relatable to the masses. Different is good! I accommodate all sizes of events. Click below for more info and to contact me about your event needs. 

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