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14-song beautiful CD. Famous songs done uniquely.
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To perform cello ensemble music that I love, I compose each of these arrangements from scratch in my studio. Every sound coming from my speakers came from me. I put a lot of care into the details, to make sure it feels great to play live cello with, and gives a live ensemble experience.


This way of making music started as an experiment, and quickly became a passion and my full-time job. The music has now reached over one hundred thousand people in performance!

The recordings are a mixture of real instruments and software instruments I work with. (I play cello, bass, guitar, drums, mandolin, piano. I arrange, record, and mix the music.)

I've had the pleasure of doing this as my full-time job since 2018. Creating my arrangements takes a lot of time, but it's so interesting to do, and always worth it. (1 minute of performance time usually has 10-20 HOURS of behind-the-scenes work, mostly spent developing the accompaniment. It's all in the details.) 

I find the purpose and meaning in giving people genuine experiences through these songs. To me, music is about going beyond the ordinary nature of much of our day-to-day lives. I hope to take you to that place.

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