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A Natural Musical Talent

Offering a relatable touch of elegance with classic melodies

One musician with ensemble sound: beautiful live cello expression you'll feel, with lovely backing tracks to add tasteful piano, acoustic guitar, and more. This exclusive collection of music is created in-house by Ryan, and is a one-man show like no other!

Repertoire includes more than 100 easy to recognize songs, each with a stylish spin on the original. 


Specializing in casual and semi-formal gatherings - including for large spaces or outdoor settings  Ryan Smith Cello Music adds a memorable and classy musical experience to each and every wedding and event.

What's Your Occasion?

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"Ryan is absolutely amazing!! He played for our wedding ceremony and cocktail hour and absolutely killed it..."

     - Ramsey and Colby, married in 2023

What's Your Occasion?

May 11, 2024  Saturday

Osuna Nursery @ 11am - 1pm

Mother's Day Event, free and open to the public

May 12, 2024  Sunday

Mother's Day at the Zoo (Albuquerque) @ 2 - 3:30

(ticketed event)

May 18, 2024  Saturday

Old Town Albuquerque - Plaza Hacienda @ noon - 2

(patio performance, free)

June 29, 2024  Saturday

Old Town Albuquerque - Poco a Poco @ noon - 2

(patio performance, free)

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