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Soulful Cello Music for Weddings & Events

Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Ryan Smith performs live cello with unique recorded accompaniments he creates in his studio.


His creative performances bring new life to famous songs, enhancing everything from casual events to elegant weddings.

An Extensive Collection of Music Curated Just for You

The vibe I'll create for your event can range from classy-casual to semi-formal, and anything in between. I pride myself on my ability to perform in a wide variety of musical styles, and I'll provide an extensive catalog of music to choose from and inspire your creativity. 


Whether it's an intimate celebration or a grand event with hundreds of guests, you'll always feel like I'm performing just for you. And with each event, I'll use my professional experience to choose those just-right songs for each moment, but I'm always  happy to receive your input and ideas to help  shape the specific feel you want for your event.

Click below to listen to some more songs and learn more about my services.


"Ryan was amazing. Easy to work with, even from a state away. The music was so perfect, well composed and well played. He really made it special. He was worth every penny we spent and then some. I'll never forget walking down the aisle to the perfect song played live by this lovely artist."


-- Mallory and Mike

Angel Fire Resort wedding ceremony

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