Complete Ceremony


30-45 minutes of pre-ceremony music for arriving guests

Ceremony - usually 3-7 songs (however, no limit on ceremony length or number of songs)

up to 3 songs after the ceremony as your guests exit the space

Complete Ceremony + Cocktail Hour


Complete Ceremony package + one hour of reception music

Complete Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, and More!


Consider adding music for dinner, first dance, license signing, or other special moments! 

A total of up to 4 hours of performance time is available! (ceremony music is one hour)

Sales tax included (prices are as shown above) 
$300 retainer and e-sign contract secure your date., remaining balance due one month before wedding date.

Romantic and calm ceremony songs, and plenty of upbeat selections (see * on the music page) for your recessional and reception! Let's make wonderful memories!

My prompt, experienced support and thorough, easy-to-read planning & rehearsal guide covers all the fine points of wedding ceremony music. You can play a big role in song /genre selection, or you can simply leave it to my experienced hands. It's totally up to you!

Have a new song in mind?  Song requests from outside my existing repertoire are accepted in all genres! (Additional costs apply. We can discuss in our phonecall.)