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Wedding Music Overview


Pre-Ceremony Music

Music for arriving guests begins 45 minutes before the ceremony. You can choose songs from classic, contemporary, or classical to set the tone for your day!



Songs as family and close friends walk down the aisle to start the ceremony. Include the songs you like, with professional guidance for a beautifully coordinated procession.

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Bride's or Groom's Entrance

A special song for the moment we're all waiting for!



A moment within the ceremony when there's a break in the officiant's speech. Examples are knot tying, unity crosses, candle or sand ceremonies. Live music makes these sacred moments more personal and memorable.



After you're announced as a married couple, a song for your walk up the aisle!

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For more information or to talk specifically about your wedding music, please see the links below.

Ryan's been a full-time solo wedding musician since 2018 and is known in the industry for his professionalism, excellent planning guidance, and beautiful music. 


He's coordinated and performed as a solo cellist at over 100 weddings, at a wide variety of venues. Weddings and receptions are a special kind of performance he loves the most. The love in the air, making forever memories through the unique gift of live music!

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Coryn Kiefer Photography (photos 1 and 5)

Blue Rose Photo (photo 2)

Klaus James Photography (photo 3)

Shayla Cristine Photography (photo 4)

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