Top 3 Processional Song Ideas to Make Your Bridal Entrance Sparkle

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By Ryan Smith

June 20, 2020

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If you’re looking for some beautiful and unique song ideas to make your entrance down the aisle sparkle, this article is for you!

Your wedding doesn’t happen every day, and having songs with meaningful lyrics brings an emotional vitality to your wedding day that is unforgettable. 

During a wedding processional, it is as if time slows down, the cares of the world fade away, and the beauty of the marriage happening hangs in the air. 

It’s a big moment so here are some song ideas to inspire you!

#1 Perfect by Ed Sheeran 

What do you think? Did you hear how much it sounds like the original song, yet it is its own sound? 

This song tells a story, and I move into that story each time I perform it, inspired by the present moment and space. Like a singer, I imagine the words and am inspired by them as I play the cello. 



Ed Sheeran


#2  Can’t Help Falling in Love 

The true test of a song is the test of time, and this melody is timeless. My inspiration is the bold yet vulnerable lyrics, and the sweetness. It sets a rich and romantic tone as a Processional. 


Elvis Presley

Can't Help Falling in Love

#3 A Thousand Years

Because sometimes when you know, you know. Do you hear the sense of mystery in the piano with the confidence of the cello? Piano plus cello is a timeless duo, would you agree?

I will spare the “shop talk” and just say that I create my accompaniments to sound and feel like live performances. They allow me to play my cello with inspiration and be inspired by the moment, because for me a great performance is a unique one.  

Honestly, I feel so lucky to have discovered this artform for myself, and it brings me so much joy to transform weddings into something beautiful and memorable thru doing what I love.  

So, do you want to celebrate one of the most important days of your life to music that fits your personality and the moments of your day?


Christina Perri

A Thousand Years

If you do, be sure to schedule a call or jump on our facebook group! I’d love the opportunity to chat with your about your vision for your day and see if I can help make it a reality!

Until then



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