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Privacy Policy does not use cookies from social media, or other advertising, companies. Analytics tools from Google and Hotjar are included solely for the purpose of optimizing the website experience. 


Information submitted to Discovered Arts Music, LLC (dba "Ryan Smith Cello Music") by potential clients and exisitng clients through this website is not routinely deleted. It is never shared with others, and if requested, will be purged. 


Ryan Smith Cello Music stores all collected information in password protected locations and/or in a private notebook, solely for the purpose of  best serving each client. In certain circumstances, this information may be shared with other wedding or event professionals, solely for the purpose of event coordination, and never for solicitation.

Photos and videos of the event, taken by Ryan Smith Cello Music or taken by other event professionals, may be shared in marketing of Ryan Smith Cello Music. Discovered Arts Music, LLC values personal privacy and takes privacy into account before sharing any images or videos, while also realizing privacy is subjective. Therefore, Client is invited to request any (or all) photos or videos be removed from online spaces at any time. Or, before the event, client may set limits with Ryan Smith Cello Music about posting images or videos online, or to request that first names are not used in marketing materials.

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