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The only information collected is that which is submitted by the client or potential client. For example, Names, Email address, and Phone number. ​Client information is not routinely deleted, however, it will be purged from all locations if requested.


Ryan Smith Cello Music stores all information in a password protected locations and/or in a notebook, solely for the purpose of having the contact information of each Client. Under no circumstances will this information be sold, exchanged, or posted online. In certain circumstances, this information may be shared with other wedding or event professionals to contact the Client about the event. Under no circumstances will your personal information be shared with others for purposes of their unsolicited sales. 

Photos and videos of the event space, taken by Ryan Smith Cello Music or taken by other event professionals, may be shared for purposes of online marketing of Ryan Smith Cello Music and affiliates. Ryan values personal privacy and takes privacy into account before sharing any images or videos, while also realizing privacy is subjective. Therefore, Client always has the option to request any (or all) photos or videos be removed from online spaces. Furthermore, before the event, Client can set limits with Ryan Smith Cello Music about posting images or videos online.