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Explore Wedding Music

Let's creatively plan a wedding ceremony timeline to make  your wedding unforgettable while expressing your personalities!

Below are examples of my most beloved wedding ceremony songs.

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 Processional Favorites

You'll probably want 2-3 processional songs. (I'll help you with all things wedding music planning.)

Main Entrance Favorites

Below are timeless and popular songs for this moment. There are additional options within my repertoire, or new songs can be learned or arranged for you. 

 Interlude Favorites

An interlude is a sand ceremony, candle lighting, or any special moment(s) during the ceremony. 

Recessional Favorites

The Recessional is expected to be a celebration song, but maybe you like to surprise people and go with a romantic song. Here are some ideas to consider as you’re walking into your future as a married couple!

We Love the Music, What's Next?

Head to the wedding packages page and check availability for your date.

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