Do we need to hire other musicians to play piano and the other instruments in your music?

No, my accompaniments are pre-recorded. I create them in my home studio and use an iPad to play them. As mentioned elsewhere, purely solo cello performances are also available, and I'm happy to play solo. 

How loud is a cello?

A cello is a perfect volume in smaller indoor spaces. For outdoors, busy social environments, and/or larger rooms I use amplification. Same beautiful sound, only louder. My plan is to be easily heard, yet soft enough to allow conversation. (My speaker is battery-powered for on/off grid playing.)

Are you able to play a ceremony and cocktail hour consecutively?

Yes! The most common request is for me to play cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, but I am also available for the main part of the reception (eg. dinner, first dance, etc.)  If I need to move to a different room at your venue, I can do this with a less than 10 minute break in the music. 

Do you need any equipment?

No equipment needed, I bring everything including a black chair. My speaker is battery-powered, so it requires no extension cords or A/C outlets and has more than enough capacity for even my 4-hour performances. Also, a small PA is also available for client rental, which I can set up at weddings or events for vows and/or announcements.

Do you play outside?

Yes! Many times in direct sun. Severe weather usually means a wedding is delayed. If the sky looks stormy or it is already raining, I will set up a 4'x4' white portable canopy before the performance. This way I continue playing as long as the weather doesn't become severe, at which point I would put my instrument in its case to protect from water damage. 

Do you fade the recorded accompaniments, for example, when the Bride reaches the altar?

During Processionals, I use a foot-controlled pedal to smoothly fade the accompaniments off as I gently cadence the song with the cello. 

Can you play an entire wedding ceremony with only a cello (no accompaniments)?

Yes, by request I gladly play solo (unaccompanied) for an entire ceremony and even the whole reception. Nearly all of my songs can be played beautifully with solo cello. Very few songs are not a good fit for solo cello, and we can talk about these types of details before and/or after booking. 

Are you LQBTQ+ friendly?

Yes. I respect people regardless of sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, etc. 

Do you teach lessons?

Yes!  I teach all ages. In addition to cello, I teach electric bass, acoustic guitar, music theory, improvisation, composition, and music production. I customize the teaching to your goals at your skill level and I am kind, patient, and encouraging as I challenge students a bit at a time! I love introducing people to making music or helping take their skills to a new level! 

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