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Cello for Weddings & Events

Albuquerque, NM

How loud is your cello?

The volume is similar to an acoustic guitar, and like some acoustic guitars, I can amplify the cello to any volume level.  I set the volume where the music can be easily heard yet soft enough to allow easy conversation.  

Are you able to play a ceremony and cocktail hour consecutively?

Yes, I do this for a good portion of weddings I play! If I need to move to a different room at your venue, I can do this in under 10 minutes. The most common request is for me to play cocktail hour immediately following the ceremony, but I am also available for the main part of the reception (eg. dinner, first dance, etc.)  

Do you need accommodations?

None. My speaker is battery-powered, so it requires no extension cords or A/C outlets and has capacity 6+ hours of performance time - always far more than enough. I've got everything I need and then some (including a chair).  

Can you play outside?

Yes. When there is a chance of rain, ceremonies are usually delayed or moved inside - so in the majority of situations, rain is a non-issue. I have a small white portable canopy I will set up if the skies are looking stormy, allowing me to play continuously while keeping my equipment safe.  


How do you fade the recorded music, for example, when the Bride reaches the altar?

I use a foot-controlled pedal to smoothly fade the accompaniments off as I tastefully end the song, for instance when a Bride reaches the altar I will create a nice musical cadence to end the song.

Can you play an entire wedding ceremony with only a cello (no accompaniments)?

Yes, by request I gladly play solo for an entire ceremony. Nearly all of my songs can be played beautifully with solo cello, and I would let you know of those that aren't good for solo cello.


My accompanied cello music mixed with a few solo pieces is what I do most often.

Do you use loops in your music? 

I do not use a loop pedal or special effects (at this time), I simply play cello with my recorded accompaniments launched from an iPad. As a composer/producer, I only loops on special occasions, because my aesthetic goal is for recorded accompaniments to feel organic and live. Classical-esque.