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Thank you for being here! Here are some great ways to support my life as a full-time working musician, and enjoy more of my music in the future. 

Venmo/PayPal/CashApp: ryansmithcellomusic

ApplePay: 505-274-0814

Do you know someone getting married, or have a special event coming up?! Send them to this website!

Social media? Share your videos of me and tag me, or share any of my posts - I'd love that!

I send a monthly(ish) newsletter for new music releases and public performances. Just leave a good email address below (and you can easily unsubscribe anytime). 

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Engaging with social media posts helps keep local businesses visible on the apps, and is appreciated more than you know. A simple like, comment, save, or share helps a lot.

Announcement: coming soon to all major online streaming services, and CD's available by mail!

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