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Cello for Weddings & Events

Albuquerque, NM

I started playing the cello in 1993 and was immediately taken by all things music and cello. With older brothers already into music, I was able to start playing electric bass, guitar, and drums from a young age. I played in orchestras, pep bands, jazz bands, and rock-blues bands as I grew. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with dual degrees (music and engineering) and worked several years in technology before deciding to fully pursue music as a career. I'm grateful to be walking today on the artist's path where I can truly thrive. And giving music to the world as a profession is an honor and a privilege. 

Other than music, I greatly enjoy nature, often in the form of camping/hiking road trips with my two dogs. In the city, I often go to shows (comedy, music, theater, dance, etc) or soccer and baseball games with friends and family. I enjoy living simply and spending a lot of time in nature as a balance to the focus and intensity I put into music. 


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