Being a musician is a lifelong journey. I am both confident in and humbled by music making.  Creating and sharing music with people is the most beautiful way to spend my time! (Spoken in true ambivert fashion)

I started playing the cello in 1993, and it was love at first sight! Quickly immersed in music and thinking about all styles of music mostly all day long, I began playing electric bass, guitar, drums, and piano. After high school, I earned a music degree at the University of New Mexico studying classical cello. It was a wonderful investment in technique and professional sensibilities!


In the last decade, I began exploring cello in all genres of music and producing music on my MacBook. And this is how I spend most of my days, and I deeply enjoy it. I'm so grateful to be able to work full-time as a musician, because it's continuously interesting and challenging, and so rewarding to share.

Other than music, I like to get out and experience nature. Hiking, camping, canoeing... and I love the adventure of traveling.  I'm grateful to have a few lovely friends and family in Albuquerque. Sometimes we do the city life - going to shows (comedy, music, theater, dance, etc) or soccer and baseball games, probably eating nachos or Dion's pizza with a Dr. Pepper or cold brew! 

I also have a degree in mechanical engineering and a nerdy side and like to learn about nearly anything (if it's not computer programming!). After several years working in a technical field, I really discovered what it means to have the makings of an artistic type, so I began pursuing full-time musicianship.

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