I first heard a cello at a demonstration of brass, wind, and stringed instruments. I was taken by the cello's huge range and sweet, bellowing sounds. I signed up for 7th grade orchestra class and found I loved playing it too!


That year, I became interested in all things music. "Every instrument is a paintbrush," a mentor once said. Cello remains my favorite, like a close friend. 

I enjoyed earning a music degree from the University of New Mexico, but chamber/orchestral music and teaching school didn't feel like the right career path. So I changed direction and became a mechanical engineer, which took me to Orlando, Florida and Louisville, Colorado.


Having recorded and produced songs for many years, I started making backing tracks for live cello. I'm grateful to have been working in this way for several years. 


Aside from music, I'm a nature lover and enjoy hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, hot springs, and the like. I love dogs and friendly faces. I enjoy all art forms and appreciate my home state of New Mexico for its beautiful sights and relaxed style.

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